Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who Will Be My Voice?

Luke 18: 15-17

I am the bored child who has been tested and approved for a Talented and Gifted program that doesn't exist because my school cannot afford it. Who will be my voice?

I am the withdrawn, at-risk child who has finally discovered music as a way to express myself, only to have that program ripped from my grasp because of funding. Who will be my voice?

I am an intelligent child who can think and laugh like you, but because my body does not cooperate, my special needs teacher does not know my capabilities. Who will be my voice?

I am the new child who does not know this type of math. I sit on the outskirts of a classroom with too many kids, labeled as the troublemaker because no one has the time to explain it to me.  Who will be my voice?

Dear Lord, you said to let the children come, to not hold them back. Our children are being held back Lord. Help us to be the voices that cry out for their educational needs. Help us to make a difference so our children can thrive as you intended.

Laurie Lea Dyer
Director of Children’s Ministries
Salem First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Salem, Oregon

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