Monday, September 10, 2012

That's Not Fair!

Genesis 16: 1-16

A common verse in a child’s vocabulary is, “that’s not fair!” This refrain could’ve been uttered by the slave-girl Hagar, who conceived a child for Abram, only to be dealt with harshly by Sarai. Life is NOT fair!

What makes one school have technology, supplies and hope for the future while another rots in decay, disarray and sadness? Where is the ‘Justice for all’ in the education system? Students have the promise of free public education, but all education systems are not created equally. Is one child more worthy of the necessities of a good education than any other? Not likely? It’s just not fair!

God does not promise fairness. God’s call to humanity is to be the hands and feet, eyes and ears, heart and voice to create a world of justice where there is none.

God of All, empower your people to see the world as you see it, to hear the cries of human despair, to love as you love, and to work to bring your justice to all. Amen.

Rev. Tracy Parker
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Paris, Kentucky

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