Monday, September 24, 2012

Valuable Children

Psalm 71:6

Our nation has not always protected and provided for the basic needs of children. For many years we did not have laws in place to guard children from abuse and neglect. Historically, we supported exploitive and cruel practices, like indentured servitude, child slavery, and child labor. Although, we now have laws to safeguard against these practices our work is not done. 

We must continue to strive for justice for our children. Today, we’re called to work together to protect quality public education for all of our nation’s children. It is our responsibility to ensure children have the opportunity to reach their potential. 

Loving God, upon whom we lean and in whose image we are all made, help us recognize the value of all your children. Give us strength and courage to emulate the love of Jesus as we strive to protect our children from harm and provide for their needs. We praise you for the gift of children. By the power of the Holy Spirit we call on your wisdom to guide our actions. Amen.

Karen Cote
Guyton Christian Church (Disciples of 
Guyton, Georgia

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