Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rebellion for the Better

Exodus 1: 13-16

It is not clear in verse 15 whether the Hebrew midwives Shiph’rah and Pu’ah are Hebrew slaves themselves or Egyptians serving the Hebrew women.  In the end it doesn’t really matter.  They rebel against the Pharaoh’s attempt to limit the birth rate of the Israelites and save the children, whether they are of their own kind or not.  

This same rebellion must be applied to our educational system.  If our children are in private schools, we must still demand better standards for public. If our state’s public schools are satisfactory, we must demand better for our neighbors’.

God of all cities, states and nations, help us to see beyond our own immediate needs.  Guide us to always be working for the “least of these,” even when that work does not directly affect us.  Direct us in ways that are life-giving for all children, whether under our direct care or by another.  Amen.

Rev. Laura Phillips
Associate Minister
First Christian Church (Disciples of
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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