Friday, October 14, 2011

Live Long Life

Zechariah tells God’s children that they will one day have a place to call home, where adults will no longer die young from disease and famine, and kids will live to play.  It would be refreshing to hear after years in exile. 

The message is just as needed today for God’s children who struggle and don’t have a good place to call home. God is faithful and righteous, especially to those who may have lost hope in the “system,” be that policymakers in government or education. God has not forgotten that all deserve the chance to live long healthy lives and with the knowledge to make the world a better place. 

Redeeming God, Thank you for promising to care for us from youth to old age.  Help us to make quality of long life a necessity for all of your children, especially those who are at-risk of being dropped through the gaps by our policymakers.  Motivate us to action in word and deed, doing everything with you in our heads and hearts. Amen.

Rev. Sarah Renfro
Associate Minister for Families, Youth & Children
First Christian Church
Frankfort, Kentucky

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