Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bold Prayers & Actions

If there was ever a time for boldness, it is now.  Those of us who care about children and work on behalf of children do not have the luxury of discouragement. There are still too many children in North America and around the world who are suffering, their needs ignored and their gifts squandered.  For the sake of children, what bold word will you speak this day?  What bold action will you perform this day that joins your life with God’s healing actions in the world?

God of signs and wonders, shake us and fill us with your spirit so we may pray and act with such boldness that hearts will be softened and minds will be opened to your loving acts of justice and peace so needed in this time.  Amen.

Kaye Edwards
Church of the Covenant, UCC/Disciples
Lynchburg, Virginia

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