Thursday, October 13, 2011

Problems Be Gone; Our Children are Stronger

Together we can strengthen our children and protect them from all the evil of today. We can guide them through the tough streets, past the bullies, and help them overcome the fear of abduction. No one shall worry about those around them. No one shall fear the stranger coming close. We can make the children strong, so the community becomes so untouchable that no child or adult need fear the unknown. United we shall stand to free ourselves and our children of the worries of today’s society.  We can put an end to missing, hurting, and lonely children.

Heavenly Father, we come to for your protection and guidance.  It is only through you that we, your children, can be truly safe and loved. We thank you so much for being so loving, understanding, and most importantly, protective of all your children, big and small.  Amen.

Michelle Brown
Children’s Director
Franklin Circle Christian Church Cleveland, Ohio

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