Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16: Feed My Lambs - FIRST!

Be an Example for Every Child, Week Four

Feed My Lambs - FIRST!

The scripture for this week is the one that speaks directly to my call at this time. So often we hear these words, but they are not portrayed in the correct order. Many do not notice that first Jesus calls us to feed the lambs. We seem to skip over our lambs and go straight to the
sheep that need tended. We do not put our lambs first financially or spiritually. We do not create strong foundations of people to walk with each child because we forget that WE are the ones called to walk with them.

This is how we best love Jesus. We feed the lambs, first. By recognizing and authentically loving, teaching, empowering, worshiping, and knowing God's smallest people, we are supporting all of us who walk with one another.

Below you will find some of my favorite resources to help the everyday person lead a child in the ways of faith.

God of Children
Let us not limit the lights of the children around us. Let us recognize that it is not programs that they need, but people. It is not entertainment that lasts but engagement. Let us remember that we are all vulnerable children whose strength comes recognizing You in themselves, the people, and world. Help us to truly feed each others mouth, hearts, and souls. In Jesus Name, Amen. 

John 21:15
When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my lambs.”

(Read the weekly scripture each day. Find a phrase or word that speaks to you. Share your reflections with others over dinner, social media, and in prayer. Share the scripture with a child you know in the car, through a text, or in a children's Bible.)

Resources and Links
Favorite Bibles, CDs, etc:
God's Big Storycards (My family uses this at dinner with the Children's Bible): 
Seamless Faith and Faithful Families by Traci Smith
Pockets Magazine (I bought this for the children in my family last Christmas): 

Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove: Families and Children’s Minister for Disciples Home Missions, and Part-Time Pastor for Independence Christian Church, KY.

*The view represented in these devotions come from a variety of diverse perspectives. We do not seek to agree but seek to welcome all to the conversation and the table.

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