Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27: Trust in God

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” - Philippians 4:13
Often, even as a child of Christ, I find myself doubting the things that I do. As I come to crossroads in my life where I feel I am challenged sometimes I get scared that I can’t conquer the obstacles in front of me. Currently as I apply for colleges late into the night while also writing papers and completing assignments I’m at one of those crossroads. The town I go to school in, Kinston, is ranked number three for violence in North Carolina. With all the bad going on here many people have doubts that anything good can come out of Kinston. Though, by going to church and feeling the holy spirit move within me my candle has been lit to bring something good out of here and to be something for Kinston to be proud of.
Often you may feel like you can’t do something, but remember that your Father will always be there for you.
Five years ago I wasn’t a member of a church or attending church regularly. Then, a wonderful youth minister Jamie Haddock came into my life and told me that the Lord can and will always provide for me if I just let him in. After a few years of becoming extremely active in my youth group and church I was baptized and became a Disciple of Christ. Now I have gone from being a person who just went to church “sometimes” to being a member of RCYW and GYC. I’ve met and taken pictures with the General Minister of the church and I’ve never been happier than I am now with Christ in my life.

Jessica Braxton is a senior at Lenoir County Early College in Kinston, North Carolina. She is a member of the General Youth Coucil, Regional Cabinet of Youth Work, and president of her local Omicron Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.
Our 2016 prayer vigil theme is Helping Our Children Heal from Violence. For more resources visit  disciplesjustice4children.org and docfamiliesandchildren.org. 

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