Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26: God's Protection

We are all Columbine. My first thought that day was for the mothers who didn’t get a chance to kiss and hug their children as they left for school. And then I wondered, did I kiss my husband, one of the teachers, as he left for work that morning

Violence can happen anywhere. Many of us in the Columbine area now make sure we hug and kiss our children and spouses as they leave each day for school and when they return home in the afternoon. No matter what the day holds, God is our refuge and our love for family and community sends us forward with love, and welcomes us home with gratitude. 

We can’t prevent what is going to happen, but we can be strong each day knowing that God loves us, our family loves us and we are blessed abundantly. Sharing love with each other and with community will end the violence, we hope.

Thank you God for protecting us when there is trouble and for blessing us with family and community that loves us abundantly.  Amen.

Rev. Marcia Meier
lives and serves churches and communities in the Central Rocky Mountain Region.  She has been married to Steve for 33 years and is mother to 2 boys in their 20's.

Our 2016 prayer vigil theme is Helping Our Children Heal from Violence. For more resources visit and 

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