Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22: A prayer from Courtney

Week of September 20 People are stealing things and hurting others. They are arguing and fighting. Why do you make me look at these terrible things?  - Habbakuk 1:3

How do we help the 14.7 million poor children in our country? What about those in the world? How does God feel about poor children? 

"God feels sad that there are children who don't have everything they need to have a happy life. God needs us to help others. We can help parents find jobs. We can help get the kids to school so they can get a good education. Then they can get a good job when they are older. God wants us to share with everyone and to not be selfish and keep everything to ourselves. Some people are in difficult situations and just need hep. I have a friend who had to live in a hotel because they couldn't find a house to live in. I also have friends who get food every Friday for the weekend. And I also know kids at school who come hungry because they didn't have breakfast. It makes me feel sad that others are going hungry while I have more than enough. We need to love others just like God loves us. Dear God, Please help those in need. Please us to understand what others are going through so that we may help them. Please help us to share all that we have with others. Please help us to love others as you love us. Amen"

Courtney, Age 10 
Overland Park Christian Church 
Overland Park, Kansas


 A house for children who don't have one.

Ben, Age 6
Central Reformed Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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