Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13: A prayer from Evvie

Week of September 13
God, I continue to ask for help. When will you listen to me? I cried to you about the violence, but you did nothing!  - Habbakuk 1:2
Do you have a story about a time when no one would listen? Did God listen? 

"Many people cry for help and God is the only one who answers. When a member of our church wasn’t feeling very well I prayed many times. God answered my prayer and soon she felt much better. 

A lot of people don’t have food or shelter. No one listens to them because they assume they are doing something bad or they just think bad about them. A lot of those people who ask for help are answered by God. God sends caring people to them. Those caring people help them out. 

Dear God, Teach us to help others who really need our help. Let us know that there are many people in need of our help. Help us understand that we can help others and let them know that you will always listen. In your name we pray, Amen."

Evvie, Age 11
Saguaro Christian Church
Tuscon, Arizona

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