Friday, October 4, 2013

Words of Love From Friends

Day 20: October 4, 2013

Have you ever been told something about a friend that is so awful that you’re afraid to talk to that person about it? I remember this happened to me as a child. I felt like I had a burden thrust upon me and I was afraid to talk to anyone about it. 

I imagine that Samuel felt the same way after God told him Eli and his family were about to be punished. Just like Samuel talked to Eli, I talked to my friend. After I unburdened myself, my friend told me to let the other person say what they need to say. They will eventually do what is right, my friend predicted. 

I think about how words can carry love and strive to make my words show love.

God, as we go about our daily lives, let our words show peace and love as we speak. Magnify your blessings to those we speak.

Marcus L. King
Hilton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 
Newport News, VA

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