Thursday, October 3, 2013

Listening for Someone Else’s Call

Day 19: October 3, 2013

Perhaps the most important message Eli gave to anyone was to tell young Samuel that it was the Most High God who was calling in the night.

A few days after the movie theater shootings in Colorado, a young girl worked on her craft project for Vacation Bible School. The children were decorating friendship gift bags to hold handmade gifts and snacks for residents at a nearby retirement complex. 

She was thinking seriously as she sought to make her glitter glue swirls come out just right. She asked hesitantly, “Do you believe God wants to love everyone and be their friend?” I said I believed that. She continued, “What about that man who hurt all those people?” I told her that not everyone wants to be friends with God. She was quiet for a time then said simply, “I’m going to pray for all the hurt people and especially that man; he must be hurting, too.”

Holy One, As grown-up companions of the children you have placed in our care, help us remember that your call goes out to all people and is not age-specific. Help us be ready to identify your call and claim on our lives. Lead us to ways of supporting children’s efforts to live in your holy peace. Amen.

Ola I. Cricket Harrison
Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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