Monday, October 7, 2013

Do Not Fear, Only Believe!

Day 23: October 7, 2013

It is hard to look at this world and not have fear in your heart. It is hard to believe that things can be better, that war can end and peace prevail. It is hard to think that one person can make a difference.

Jesus says: “Do not fear, only believe.” Trust God to make things right in the end. Believe that God can work through you. Believe that you can bring peace to the life of a child. Focus on one child at a time and let God’s peace ripple out into the world.

O God, help us to believe, to believe in you, to believe that peace will come to this world, to believe that we can make a difference one small step at a time. Help us to help the children who will carry peace forward into the future. Amen.

Donna J. Hanby
Springboro UCC
Pilgrim South UCC
Springboro, Ohio

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