Sunday, September 29, 2013

Independence & Dependence

Day 15: September 29, 2013

We’re told, “Ask God for what you need. Be persistent!” Thinking we can do it on our own, we sometimes struggle asking God for help.

Children struggle, too. They want to do things themselves, yet still need help. We need to be aware of the children around us and their needs. Sometimes children just know they need but are unable to name it. In those times, we can give a hug, pat on the back, or a handshake. We can let children know we love them...and that God loves them. 

Holy Parent, help us to be persistent in asking for what we need. May we be good examples to the children around us. May the children in our world know they can depend on us and on you. Amen. 

Rev. Kim Crowley
Associate Minister
Seventh Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
 Richmond, VA 

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