Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here I Am!

“Here I am!”  Samuel repeatedly mistakes the Lord’s call for Eli’s and goes rushing to his master. Eli, with his spiritual wisdom, is able to respond to Samuel’s particular need and guides him.

Young people are naturally eager to learn. They come running, “Here I am!  Show me. Teach me.”  Unfortunately, most public educational systems do not allow children to follow their natural yearnings to learn. They are instructed according to abstract standards and tests.

What would it be like if when our children ran to us, “Here I am!” we responded according to their desire, making education fit them? What would it be like if we guided and mentored instead of tested?

Precious One, you have made each of us filled with curiosity and a desire to learn. When we are taught in irrelevant ways, too many lose interest and give up. Give us the courage to demand that education fit the child instead of the child fit the system. Amen.

Rev. Maggie Sebastian
Portland, Oregon

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