Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Entrusted by God

Longing for a child, Hannah was finally entrusted with a son by God. She knew that God had only entrusted her with Samuel, not given her the child. Hannah recognized that Samuel was a full human being with his own life journey. She was willing to be away from him during most of his childhood for the sake of his education, offering him up as a nazirite. 

What would the world be like if we dedicated every child to God? How would we treat each child if we really believed that they were themselves being lured by the Divine along their own spiritual path? Perhaps, we would assure that every child had an education that suited their particular gifts. 

God of diverse talents, Help us to see your Divine spark in each child that you entrust to us. Strengthen us for the task of providing every one of your little ones an education suited to their needs. Amen.

Rev. Tim Graves
Portland, Oregon

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