Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Light a Candle 2019

Light a Candle WITH Children
"The Hearts and Voices of our Young People"
September 23 - October 20, 2019
Children’s Sabbath (Children’s Defense Fund) on October 20th, 2019.

Many churches, individuals, and families have used the devotion to light a candle for children. The true prayer we need answered in finding ways in which to light a candle WITH children.  It is easy to participate in Light a Candle with Children. 40 weekdays prior to Children’s Sabbath, Ministries Across Generations will post devotions, reflections, and resources in several social media locations. 

Children and teenagers were asked an important question, “Why will you be in the church when you grow up?”  It is estimated that most young people have decided by the age of 14 if they will be active in a faith community as an adult. With many young people making the choice to not stay active in their faith into adulthood, it was time to ask those under 14 what connects them to a love of God and God’s people.  Each devotion will be their responses, resources, and images.

This year’s theme and other liturgical resources from the Children’s Defense Fund: “Uniting Hearts and Voices to End Child Poverty.” As you prepare for Children’s Sabbath or seek other liturgical resources, see all the interfaith and ecumenical practices surround and uniting us in helping the needs of our children.

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