Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 20: God Is a Safe Place

Read together Psalm 16.

The poets who wrote the Psalms called God a fortress, a shield, a shelter, a rock, a light, a protector, a savior, a shepherd, and a refugee. In other words, even when things are bad—and they often were bad for those poets—God is with us, helping us stay safe and be brave.

See if your library has the book TheInvisible String by Patrice Karst. Read it as a family. This lovely book reminds us that we are connected by strings of love, so we are never alone. Because God loves us, we can always find a place of refuge, safety, comfort, and courage.

Get creative with the activity below. Use the act of drawing as a time of prayer, or say a prayer based on the drawings when you are finished.

Caroline Hamilton-Arnold
serves as Associate Director of Week of Compassion and lives in New Haven, CT. Her passion is connecting people with the creative, re-creative power of the living God through stories and faithful action.

Our 2016 prayer vigil theme is Helping Our Children Heal from Violence. For more resources visit  disciplesjustice4children.org and docfamiliesandchildren.org. 

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