Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28: Words from Olivia

Week of September 27 This message (God’s message) is about a special time in the future. This message is about the end, and it will come true. Just be patient and wait for it. That time will come; it will not be late. This message cannot help those who refuse to listen to it, but those who are good will live because they believe it.   - Habbakuk 2:3-4

What is God's message? How do we listen to God?

"Gods message to me is like a scavenger hunt. I start off then god comes to me to lead the way. I go where god leads me and on the way see gods face through people, animals, and their joy, despair and hope. Gods message is the light in our candle, the fierce wind in a tornado and the hope just below the surface. We sense god everywhere but we rarely feel gods presence till afterwards." 
 - Olivia, Age 11
Land of the Sky United Church of Christ
Asheville, North Carolina

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