Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Day 25: October 9, 2013

But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up, 
and he was able to stand. Mark 9:27 NRSV

Holding hands is the first thing we teach children to do. Before we try to get them to smile or talk we are putting our fingers into their tiny palms and waiting for the grasp of their little fingers to tighten. When they get old enough to pull themselves up, we are right there holding their hands to help them stand. 

When they take their first steps our hands are right within reach of their fingers. When they cross the street or the parking lot our hands are always open for theirs to fit into. There’s a connection made.

There’s a feeling of love and safety, even healing in the act of hand holding.   

God, Help us to offer our hands to the boys and girls of this world who have no hand to hold. Help us to make a connection, to extend healing and security and support and, above all else, everlasting love. Amen.

Rev. Samantha Houser
Zion United Church of Christ
Waukon, IA

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