Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Day 31: October 15, 2013

What meaning do blessing rituals possess? Jacob demonstrated no hesitancy in blessing grandsons he had never met and might never see again. His vision, faithfulness, and sense of urgency called forth a blessing.

On behalf of the God who is our shepherd, in faith, urgency, and with vision our children deserve blessings. Our world needs their gifts. We must affirm the mantles they wear in their young lives. Capable of amazing things, we witness youth as peacemaker, reconciler, and compassion bearer. With blessing (and loving guidance) they possess all they need to love as they are loved.

God of Jacob and Joseph, Ruth and Naomi, bless our children’s lives with peace.  Bless those who care for them with wisdom and a sense of urgency on their behalf. Bless them to be peacemakers and compassion bearers, following your way. Amen.

Karen Ziel
Minister of Faith Formation
CT Conference UCC

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