Friday, September 27, 2013

The Wisdom of Empathy

Day 13: September 27, 2013

Children often fight over toys and caregivers intervene with rules or regulations. Empathy, however, requires more than policing.  Empathy requires understanding the pain and suffering experienced by another. Solomon’s demand that the women divide the child with a sword ignites compassion within the mother of the living child.  She is willing to let go of her child to allow him to live.  

As she contemplated her son’s life and death, did this mother also have deep compassion for the grieving mother, the mother who had already lost her son?  Perhaps the wisdom of Solomon’s question led her to this path of empathy as well. 

Holy One, Give us questions as wise as Solomon’s so that we may ignite the fire of deep compassion that flickers within every child. Amen.

Rev. Sara Rosenau 
First Congregational UCC
Portland, OR 

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