Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rationale for the Light a Candle Prayer Vigil

Prayer matters. Prayer communicates with the still-speaking God about our concerns and worries in this fragmented world. Writes Bruce Epperly,  “Prayer is simply opening to God’s life within your life. Prayer is listening to Divine  Wisdom and then expressing our deepest desires and needs for ourselves and the world.” (1)

This meditation book is designed to help focus prayer on creating a peaceful world in which children can live and grow. As faithful people, let us focus special prayers on our deepest desires for the needs of children. Let us listen for the voice of the Divine so that we might hear and become co-creators of a peaceful world for children.

Rev. Tim Graves, Editor & Project Coordinator
Condon United Church of Christ,
Condon, Oregon

(1) Epperly, Bruce. Listening to God’s Whispered Word in Prayer and Meditation. (accessed August 22, 2013).

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