Monday, September 16, 2013

"Hubba What?" --Super Grover 2.0

Day 2: September 16, 2013

Isaiah 3:4-9

Super Grover 2.0, a superhero version of Sesame Street’s Grover, “uses his superpowers of investigating, observing, and reporting to solve problems and help others.”(1) Sent to investigate questions causing problems for other characters, Super Grover is not really the intellectual superhero his title claims. He solves problems by accident. He is an everyday character who is going through life, like all the other characters, asking questions like, “Hubba What?” 

Isaiah causes a “Hubba What?” response when he says those in charge should not be in charge, those who are going to be in charge are not ready, and that some are refusing to be in charge.  Nobody trusts or respects anyone else, no one wants to take blame, and everyone is caught up in an evil mess. Sound familiar?

Like those in Judah, we at times create a mess. We try to help our world, but often make a bigger mess for those in the future.  We are afraid that those who look at the world we are creating for the future are going to look at us and say, “Hubba What?” 

But this is the beginning of Isaiah. It is not the end. Once we include God in what we do and in what we teach our children, we have hope. With God, we can be like Super Grover 2.0 who accidentally solves problems. 

O God, with your power may we be accidental superheroes for children, just like Grover. Amen.

Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove
Minister of Family and Children’s Ministries
Disciples Home Missions
Indianapolis, IN

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