Sunday, September 22, 2013

Despair, Anguish, & Hope

Day 8: September 22, 2013

Like Hagar’s despair and cries of anguish, parents feel hopelessness when they hear gunshots out their windows, when they are unable to place food before their starving children, and when the bully at school hurts their child yet again.  But God has not abandoned these children and parents.  

God hears their voices just as God heard the voices of Hagar and her young son, Ishmael. God opens Hagar’s eyes, provides what she needs at that moment: the promise of a future. The boy who has been cast out is God’s child. Nothing can change that. 

As God’s people, it is our responsibility to provide safe, caring, and nurturing homes for all children. When this task seems impossible, we must remain vigilant. When we cry out, God hears us and responds. Let our eyes be opened as we strive to care for the children of God.

Gracious God,  Help us open ourselves to see beyond hopelessness. Guide us to the well of water which sustains and brings us back from the point of despair as we seek to protect all children from dangers. Amen.

Lisa Setty
Children and Youth Pastor
Overland Park Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Overland Park, KS 

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