Thursday, October 4, 2012


Being rejected is so great a fear that it can often keep us silent even when faced with grave injustices and wrongdoing. In this passage from Matthew we have two stories of courage. First is a desperate mother screaming for help. She pushes through a hostile crowd to reach Jesus, risking not only rejection but public humiliation. Second is Jesus, a public figure, a teacher, a faith leader who risks rejection by admitting he is wrong and changing his mind. Can we, people who love children and follow Jesus, expect any less of ourselves?  Can we find the courage to work for what our children, all children, need to be healed?

O God, may my eyes and heart be opened to the injustices around me.  May I find the courage to do what is needed to make this world a place where all children can find safety, healing and hope. Amen.

Kaye Edwards
Church of the Covenant (United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ)
Lynchburg, Virginia

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