Friday, October 19, 2012

Bless the Boys and Bless the Girls

Genesis 48:15-16

Sometimes blessings come to us upside down and backwards. Jacob famously stole his brother’s birthright, then less famously flouted tradition by overlooking Joseph’s eldest and giving the greater blessing to a younger son. 

Throughout scripture, God’s realm is a place of unexpected blessing. By turning the expected way of doing things on its head, God sends blessings into new and far-off places . . . often in the hands of a child. How we care for and nurture our children matters.

Holy God, bless the boys and bless
  the girls.
Bless their footsteps in this world.
Bless the hands that dry their
Bless the hearts that calm their
Bless the girls and bless the boys.
Grant them peace and teach them
  joy. Amen.

Connie Myers
First Christian Church (Disciples of
Bloomington, Indiana

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