Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Duck Sits on the Nest

Psalm 144: 12

The reading was slow and labored.  This child with a bright smile and energetic body struggled to sit still and focus on the words in front of him. Words like duck, sit, and even the are not familiar. They frustrate this little boy, who told me he can ride his bike around the farm all by himself. The teacher, the classroom aide, and I work with him as his vocabulary grows, but I wonder if the length of his jeans will grow faster than his reading comprehension.   

Almighty and Growing God, as one who tends the souls of all, plant words of learning and hope deep in the minds of all our children. Challenge each of us to water these seeds of knowledge by reading with all God's children.  Amen.

Rev. Chad Snellgrove
Minister of Faith Formation for Children and Youth
Central Christian Church (Disciples of  Christ)
Lexington, Kentucky

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  1. Sometimes the growing is painfully slow...Keep praying and keep the faith!!!