Friday, September 14, 2012

God Has Brought Me Laughter

Genesis 21: 1-7

Sarah had given up hope of ever knowing the joy of motherhood. She had resigned herself to the status of a barren woman. But God brought her laughter in her son, Isaac. Through the birth of her son she received new hope of a future she could help to create. 

How can we bring together the “Sarah generation” with the children in our communities? What gifts of hope and laughter might these generations offer one other? Through foster grand parenting, homework mentoring, worship buddies, and community advocacy, God can bring laughter and joy into the lives of children and the community.

God of all times, lift to our minds the ways in which we can make intergenerational connections that bring healing, hope, and laughter to the children around us. Amen.

Rev. O. I. Cricket Harrison
Minister of Music and Spiritual Formation
Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of  Christ)
Odessa, Texas

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