Friday, October 7, 2011

Seeing Only Friends

We are living in a society that is, perhaps, more polarized than ever before.  The political, economic, social, and religious landscape has tragically been divided into “us” and “them,” with little room and much criticism for any who seek common ground “in the middle.”  Thank God our children still instinctively know differently!  

Isaiah’s grand vision of the world as God sees it shows us how children know no enemies, only friends.  May we, likewise, be reminded that it is God’s intentions that peace prevail and all are included.

O Prince of Peace, we pray that we might learn from our children ways of listening to those who have been labeled our “enemies,” and work diligently to be harbingers of the peaceable commonwealth for which you so dearly long. Amen.

Rev. Allen V. Harris
Franklin Circle Christian Church Cleveland, Ohio

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