Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Excuses

At three, Michael arrived in foster care. His mom was in jail, a meth addict. His twelve-year-old sister was on the run with grandma. Michael was terrified of bugs, hid food in pockets.  He never received a gift, celebrated anything. 
Michael had demons, impure spirits, fits of rage. 

He also gave the best hugs. His foster parents cried out to all for help for Michael. They believed. But days with Michael, and children like him, are hard. Often society avoids, disregards, or throws them away. Jesus reminds there are no excuses. He reminds Michael’s foster parents that everything is possible.
The last time I saw Michael was at his adoption ceremony. His journey was still just beginning, but he had been taken by the hand. 

Loving God, Give us the faith to insist on justice and strength to believe as we face trying times in caring for children. Amen.

Pat Barton
Chalice Christian Church
Gilbert, Arizona

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