Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"You're welcome . . . sort of"

Matthew 10:40-42

In our congregations, often kids are welcome to be seen, not heard.  Members love to see many little ones gather for Children’s Moment but would rather not hear them before or after.  Sound familiar?  Do young people read liturgy?  Does the preacher only use big words in the sermon?  How many of our congregations include children on the Board or search committees, even those hiring a Children’s Minister?  

Welcoming implies an opportunity for leadership and acceptance, not simply lip service or tolerance.  We must continue to advocate for true welcoming in the whole life of the church and beyond. This is our calling as followers of Jesus’ teachings – “Whoever welcomes you welcomes me.”  Is that so hard? 

Welcoming God, Implore us to receive with open arms the little ones in our midst.  Help us to go beyond lip service and strive to empower young people to be leaders in our churches, that we may open the doors to You and Jesus by doing so.We ask this as Disciples of Christ, Amen.

Rev. Sarah Renfro
Associate Minister for Families, Youth & Children
First Christian Church
Frankfort, Kentucky

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