Monday, September 12, 2011

Educating Leaders

Isaiah 3:4-9

It is a gloomy picture of Judah.  No one will even want to be their ruler.  Justice is no where to be found. 
The problem is this: uneducated people--children according to the text--are given responsibilities beyond their capabilities.  They have not been taught the ways of just governance.  
So how are we doing in educating our young people to be leaders in the church and community?  If we fail to teach our children justice, fairness, and compassion, we will be like Judah. “The people will be oppressed,” and we, their educators, will be found guilty.
Holy One, give us hearts of justice and compassion that we pass on to our children.  May they learn by our example.  Amen.
Rev. Maggie Sebastian
VA Medical Center
Portland, Oregon

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