Friday, September 23, 2011

Deciding for Love

How often do we, as a society, force families to unduly decide the fate of a child?  Too often the choices that are laid before us are false choices.  King Solomon knew this well.  Recently a family was severely criticized for not making immediately known whether their newborn was male or female.  When God calls us to love all children, why do we need to know the sex of a child in order to express our joy, excitement, and love?  We don’t.  It’s a false choice that is more about the needs of society than a loving God.  

O God of all peoples, help us to love our children unconditionally, as you love us.  May we never force parents, teachers, coaches, and others who lead our children to make decisions based on societal standards, but only on the basis of love.  Amen.

Rev. Allen V. Harris
Franklin Circle Christian Church Cleveland, Ohio

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