Sunday, September 18, 2011

Being God's Eyes & Ears

Genesis 21:15-20

How often in the news do we see the tragedies that effect families and children? Often children suffer most for the mistakes of parents or uncaring adults.  Fortunately most of us will never know the desperate situation Hagar faced when she placed baby Ishmael under that bush. Unfortunately there are others in our world who do know this sense of anguish.

In the horn of Africa thousands are fleeing famine in search of food and have lost children to a horrific cholera epidemic. Here in the U.S., since 2000, the number of children living in poverty has increased by four million. We can only imagine the choices these families face.

God, remind your people of your presence in the world and equip them to be your eyes and ears, your hands and feet, and most of all your heart in this hurting world. Amen.

Rev. Tracy Parker
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Paris, Kentucky

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  1. Tracy - a good reminder as most of us plan which restaurant we want to go to after church today . . .. .